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Business management advice

Without a proper corporate governance system, it’s hard for a company’s workflows to run efficiently. Take advantage of our business management consulting service and find out which processes your company needs to improve.

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Business advice: when should you use it?

There is no doubt that no company today can operate effectively and successfully without an ERP system designed specifically for its workflow. Although these business management systems are becoming increasingly popular, many business managers still do not have a clear idea of what exactly they are and how they can make their company more efficient.

Our business management consultancy service is therefore a good way for you, as a company director, to get a clear picture of ERP systems. In addition, if you are planning to implement such a system in your company but are unsure about which workflows need to be improved, ERP consultancy can also help.

For each workflow, we can also explain how the software will make it more efficient if required.

Business advice with benefits

One of the advantages of general business advice is that you can consult a highly qualified professional who can answer all your questions. Such a consultation can clarify areas that were previously unclear. And you can do this free of charge.

In addition, if you purchase a Bitrix24 license for 1 year, Office42 will provide you with 2 hours of free consulting.

Not only ERP systems but also our business consulting service is designed and structured accordingly. This means that we follow certain pre-defined points during the consultation, relevant to your company. That is, we assess your company type, operations, and business needs. Accordingly, we will present our proposal and how you can increase your efficiency with Bitrix24.

After this, there will of course be an opportunity for a more informal consultation, during which you can ask questions and we’ll go over anything you may have missed.

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Business consulting: why choose the Office42 team?

We also undertake custom development


Office42 works with the Bitrix24 ERP product, which includes the main software. However, we also have a dedicated development team. Thanks to this, if the Bitrix24 software packages already available do not include the software your company needs, we can custom-develop it for you.


We offer a complete service 


After requesting a quote, our experts will assess the current workflows in your company and your needs. Based on this, they will be able to design the Bitrix24 software package that will make your business as efficient as possible. They will then take on the full implementation of the designed system, and will also be responsible for maintenance and software upgrades afterward.


But that’s not the end of the story. We provide detailed information about the Bitrix24 system, including how the system works and all other relevant information. In addition, we will also teach you how to use the system effectively, either in person or through online training.


Bitrix24 and high expertise


The professionals at Office42 have more than 10 years of experience in custom IT development and full implementation of the Bitrix24 business management system. Bitrix24 is currently one of the leading business management systems globally. As a gold-rated Bitrix24 partner, we have deep knowledge of the system. We are familiar with all potential problems and can provide effective solutions.


Tailor-made integrated software package for your company 


In each case, we design an ERP system for our customers that is specifically tailored to their company. Whether it’s invoicing software, accounting or filing software, or even custom-built software, we can offer your company a tailor-made software package. A system designed for your company will include all the software you need, but nothing that your company doesn’t need. So you only pay for what you actually use.


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Hörmann Hungary

“The system has met our expectations, it is very helpful in areas where we use it, such as: leave records, fault logging, delegating service work, and CRM.
The colleagues at Office42 have an excellent knowledge of the system and are always very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Impulse Projekt SRO

“We have been using Bitrix24 since 2016 as part of a partnership that has fundamentally changed the way information flows within our business.

It has been perfectly tailored to our daily operations, providing maximum support for the display and storage of incoming and outgoing information with an easy-to-use interface that is fit for the 21st century.”

Saubermacher Hungary

“Our organisation uses CRM, PM and Drive as well as messaging functions primarily. These make it much easier to organise daily work, organise tasks and communicate directly.

To the best of my recollection, we have never had an enquiry that we have not received a response / solution suggestion.”

Arc relocation Hungary

“Our company has been using Bitrix24 for 7 years now, covering almost the entire spectrum of our processes.

All our services are tracked in it, from order to invoicing, which is a great help for us, and it can also be used well with other external applications, so our overall assessment is very positive.”