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Project management is a complex process that enables organisations to successfully implement their projects and achieve good results. Bitrix24 is an excellent tool to support project management, providing a range of excellent features and capabilities to manage projects effectively. In this blog post, we will share tips and practical advice that can help you take advantage of Bitrix24’s capabilities and optimise your project management processes.


Project planning and structuring:

Define clear goals and milestones for your project.

Create project teams and sub-projects to manage tasks in an organized and structured way.

Use templates and repetitive tasks to streamline processes.





Task management and communication:

Record tasks in Bitrix24’s task manager and assign deadlines and responsibilities to them.

Use Bitrix24’s communication tools, such as chat and comments, to share task-related information and facilitate collaboration.

Regularly update information on projects to keep everyone up to date.





Scheduling and deadlines:

Use Bitrix24’s calendar feature to create a project schedule and track deadlines.

Set up reminders and notifications to get timely notification of important deadlines and events.

Track the time spent by project participants on each task and evaluate efficiency.





Document management:

Use Bitrix24’s document repository to store and share project documents.

Create a folder structure for easy navigation and search.

Enable document version management and change tracking.





Participation and tracking:

Create project portals where project participants can share information and track progress.

Organise regular project meetings or virtual meetings with team members to discuss developments.

Seek feedback from project participants to improve processes.





Analytics and reporting:

Bitrix24 reporting tools are used to analyze project data and track performance.

Create regular reports and charts on project status and performance.

Use statistics to plan future projects and improve processes.





These are just a few tips for using Bitrix24 effectively in project management. The system has many additional features to help you optimise project management and team collaboration. It is important to keep your project management processes flexible and adapt them to the needs of specific projects and teams. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by Bitrix24 and tailor them to the specifics of your project work to achieve the best possible results!


Why Bitrix24?


Bitrix24 has many advantages that differentiate it from other project management software. Here are some of the main reasons why Bitrix24 may be the best choice:


Complete functionality. Task management, communication, calendar, document library, time tracking, and many other modules are all available in Bitrix24. This allows organisations to manage their projects simply and efficiently in one place.


Simple and intuitive user interface. Clearly displayed menus and buttons, as well as intuitive navigation, allow users to quickly find the functions and information they need. To enhance the user experience, Bitrix24 can be customized to meet the personal needs of users.


Unified communication and collaboration. This enables real-time communication and collaboration, which speeds up decision-making and helps teams work more efficiently.


Flexible customisability: Bitrix24 allows you to customise the system and adapt it to your individual needs. Organisations can freely customise their project structure, processes and workflows with Bitrix24.


Mobile apps: Bitrix24 is also available in the form of mobile apps that allow users to access their projects and information anywhere, anytime.


Economical price: Bitrix24 offers different price ranges to suit the budgets of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises. Many useful features are also available in the lower price ranges, making Bitrix24 an affordable solution for project management.

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