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Accountancy program

Accounting software can help you perform many of the tasks that are commonplace in accounting and financial administration more efficiently.

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Functions of the accountancy software

Transaction recording: the accounting software allows you to quickly and accurately record income, expenses, and other financial transactions. With automatic data entry and electronic invoice management, manual recording of transactions can be minimized.

Automatic categorization: the accounting software automatically categorizes transactions, saving time for the finance department. In addition, by eliminating manual categorization, it becomes easier to track expenses and revenues.

Bank statement reconciliation: accounting software makes it easy to reconcile accounting data with bank statements. This ensures that transactions are correct and that bank account balances are accurate.

Automatic tax calculation: software often has built-in tax calculation functions. These help calculate and determine the taxes and levies applicable to a given transaction. This also makes tax returns much easier.

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Accountancy program – choose us!

Invoicing and management of incoming invoices: the software, in combination with the invoicing software, allows you to issue invoices and record and manage incoming invoices. Automatic reminders and timed invoicing make these workflows, such as timely payments, even more efficient.

Reporting and analytics: accounting software usually comes with reporting and analytics tools to easily generate financial statements, profit and loss reports, and balance sheets. This helps business decision-making and monitoring of financial performance.

Automated payment processes. This saves time for finance staff by eliminating manual payment processes.

Financial Integrations. Office42 can also provide the software as part of a complete business management system, allowing you to streamline workflows in other areas of your business.

Notifications and alerts. This can be useful in case of expiring invoices or upcoming deadlines.

Preparing tax returns: the software can also provide the possibility to prepare tax returns based on the financial data of clients. This can make the work of tax experts easier and reduce the burden on the accountant’s office.

Bitrix24 business management system – FAQ

Full range of services

As a service provider, we believe it is important to support our customers from the beginning to the end of the cooperation. That is why the implementation of the necessary ERP system is only part of our service. After requesting a quotation, a free consultation will take place to discuss all the details, your objectives, and your needs.

This is followed by the provision of a Bitrix24 license, system design, and implementation. And the process doesn’t end there. Our colleagues will show all new users how the system works and how to use it in a face-to-face and online training session, available in Hungarian and English. And in case of any questions or problems, you can continue to contact us with confidence.

Egyedi szoftverfejlesztés

We aim to provide companies with solutions that take more of the burden off their employees and significantly improve the efficiency of their work processes. That’s why, if our ERP system does not include the software your company needs, we can custom-develop it for you.


Hörmann Hungary

“The system has met our expectations, it is very helpful in areas where we use it, such as: leave records, fault logging, delegating service work, and CRM.
The colleagues at Office42 have an excellent knowledge of the system and are always very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Impulse Projekt SRO

“We have been using Bitrix24 since 2016 as part of a partnership that has fundamentally changed the way information flows within our business.

It has been perfectly tailored to our daily operations, providing maximum support for the display and storage of incoming and outgoing information with an easy-to-use interface that is fit for the 21st century.”

Saubermacher Hungary

“Our organisation uses CRM, PM and Drive as well as messaging functions primarily. These make it much easier to organise daily work, organise tasks and communicate directly.

To the best of my recollection, we have never had an enquiry that we have not received a response / solution suggestion.”

Arc relocation Hungary

“Our company has been using Bitrix24 for 7 years now, covering almost the entire spectrum of our processes.

All our services are tracked in it, from order to invoicing, which is a great help for us, and it can also be used well with other external applications, so our overall assessment is very positive.”