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Custom developed Bitrix24 modules

The modules developed by Office42 have been integrated into Bitrix24, taking full advantage of the system’s ability to link and report on notifications, business processes, and underlying business and logical relationships. The modules presented below are solutions developed by Office42 and can be used independently or in combination.
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Regardless of their profile, different companies create a large number of documents that need to be stored in a way that makes them accessible at a glance. With Bitrix24 filing software, these documents can be stored and managed in a transparent and easily retrievable manner.

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Legally compliant billing without leaving Bitrix24! The invoicing module implements the automatic sending of outgoing invoices created in Bitrix24 to external invoicing systems (e.g.: Számlá and the integration of the data received from these systems into Bitrix24. It allows you to automate the invoicing process: invoicing, sending, managing multiple companies, and sending notifications and alerts.

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Account statistics

The Invoice Statistics module is designed to provide a better overview of outgoing and incoming invoices and to facilitate cash flow planning. The module provides a single interface to view outgoing invoices and is linked to the NAV database, from which incoming invoices can be imported and their aggregated data can be viewed, both automatically and manually. Incoming invoice drafts can be created and reconciled with the actual incoming invoices issued, thus providing an effective aid to cash flow planning.

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Freedom management

The leave management module manages the leave of the company’s employees and the related processes (leave planning, leave request, approval, substitutions).

The module is able to calculate the leave days due to the employee according to the current legal environment, based on the data uploaded about the employee, to report the leave already taken and the leave that is still taken, which can be transferred to payroll. In addition, the approval and replacement process supports the recording of leave requests by employees, and the system, with status and color coding, provides easy visibility of planned and approved leave taken by employees.

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Vehicle register

The vehicle registration module manages the company-owned vehicles for various uses, fuel cards, and the processes and routes related to the request.

It provides extensive reporting and data export capabilities, which are subject to authorization. Its approval process makes it an excellent tool for registering and managing keyed vehicles.

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Bank voucher management

The module is able to scan bank statements in different formats, to automatically identify partners based on partner master data, to automatically group contracts by business line and to make recommendations for disbursement. It also provides the possibility to export bank transaction data according to various filtering criteria.

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Partner maintenance

Created to extend Bitrix24’s built-in CRM module, it is fully synchronized with the CRM module but manages more data about partners. It can be used to manage the extended data and functions required to support the financial modules and other business processes: partner limits, bank accounts, customer ratings, activities, locations, balance sheet data, and indicators for rating.

The module is linked to the official company information database so that the data available there is automatically uploaded into the system and allows continuous monitoring of data changes and company-related events.

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Partner portal

The Partner Portal developed by Office42 can be integrated with any system with an API (including Bitrix24), through which any business information (company data, contracts, invoices, etc.) can be shared with partners after user authentication.

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Hörmann Hungary

“The system has met our expectations, it is very helpful in areas where we use it, such as: leave records, fault logging, delegating service work, and CRM.
The colleagues at Office42 have an excellent knowledge of the system and are always very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Impulse Projekt SRO

“We have been using Bitrix24 since 2016 as part of a partnership that has fundamentally changed the way information flows within our business.

It has been perfectly tailored to our daily operations, providing maximum support for the display and storage of incoming and outgoing information with an easy-to-use interface that is fit for the 21st century.”

Saubermacher Hungary

“Our organisation uses CRM, PM and Drive as well as messaging functions primarily. These make it much easier to organise daily work, organise tasks and communicate directly.

To the best of my recollection, we have never had an enquiry that we have not received a response / solution suggestion.”

Arc relocation Hungary

“Our company has been using Bitrix24 for 7 years now, covering almost the entire spectrum of our processes.

All our services are tracked in it, from order to invoicing, which is a great help for us, and it can also be used well with other external applications, so our overall assessment is very positive.”