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Business management made simple: the ERP system and
everything you need to know

Today, it is almost impossible without a well-functioning ERP system

to stay competitive in the market. That is why the usefulness of a system is nowadays

no one questions the usefulness of a system today. But do you know what the benefits can be?

of implementing such a business management system? In this post, we will go through 

the meaning of the terms and the many benefits of implementing a system to

decide whether your company needs an ERP system. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves

but the answer is almost inevitable.


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The meaning of ERP

Let’s start with what ERP is! It is an acronym that stands for “Enterprise Management System”;
(Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP
system is a software package or system used by companies and organisations to
used by organizations and companies to integrate, automate and manage various business processes
optimisation. It aims to coordinate and manage different business areas,
(such as finance, purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, sales, human resources, etc.)

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Hörmann Hungary

“The system has met our expectations, it is very helpful in areas where we use it, such as: leave records, fault logging, delegating service work, and CRM.
The colleagues at Office42 have an excellent knowledge of the system and are always very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Impulse Projekt SRO

“We have been using Bitrix24 since 2016 as part of a partnership that has fundamentally changed the way information flows within our business.

It has been perfectly tailored to our daily operations, providing maximum support for the display and storage of incoming and outgoing information with an easy-to-use interface that is fit for the 21st century.”

Saubermacher Hungary

“Our organisation uses CRM, PM and Drive as well as messaging functions primarily. These make it much easier to organise daily work, organise tasks and communicate directly.

To the best of my recollection, we have never had an enquiry that we have not received a response / solution suggestion.”

Arc relocation Hungary

“Our company has been using Bitrix24 for 7 years now, covering almost the entire spectrum of our processes.

All our services are tracked in it, from order to invoicing, which is a great help for us, and it can also be used well with other external applications, so our overall assessment is very positive.”