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Why do some companies resist to use Enterprise Social Collaboration Tools?

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration
Enterprise 2.0

Despite the fact, that enterprise social collaboration tools are quickly catching up with today’s modern and high growth businesses the overall demand is not so encouraging. In 2016 IDC predicted enterprise collaboration segment will be increasing and the sales will be more than US $4 billion.

There is  encouraging oulook but the companies still resisted from it. Actually, they have got different reasons why are they do not use this software. Nevertheless, we could suggest solutions to overcome their fear about these amazing collaborative tools.

 Why business resist using collaborative tools;

1. Enterprise Social Collaboration resistance –  Other priorities

What is more important for a company than to increase productivity and profitability? Mostly because of the lack of knowldege about collaborative tools  managers and senior IT executive are not understand the importance of collaborative platforms. Is not sharing knowledge, connecting with each other and communicating a priority? Company’s top management team and IT managers have to come together to discuss the effects of this kind of platform. This will help them to boost their confidence and both will have common points to work on. In fact,  most of the CIOs and VIPs in a company do not know how can a platform like this can help them. So they will need to get training and knowledge.

2. Enterprise Social Collaboration resistance – Online security

Though security threats are legitimate issues. However, it could be addressed through proper security measures. First of all, company’s top management or CIOs should review the product and check out the vendor’s authenticity. As per the present data no serious damage has been done to company with the implementation of enterprise social collaboration software. Anything that is offered online will always have an element of security threat. But with proper use of firewall and latest security technology the problem can be solved. Unfortunatelly, IT team sin the companies are more concerned with architecture, integration, support of the product rather than security. So that is why  giving security as a reason for not using enterprise social collaboration is not justified. Rather than offering excuses company can draw out their objectives that they need to achieve and engage with a couple of vendors and use their free version before finalizing on it.

 3. Enterprise Social Collaboration resistance – Budget

Most of the businesses have this problem that they can not aford it but that should not be a reason to lose the opportunity of  enterprise collaboration tools can offer. Intranet system what  most of the companies use has limited features and functionality. The usage of enterprise collaboration tool can greatly save money, increase productivity and profitability of the company. Many vendors offer free versions of their enterprise collaboration software. In fact, it has limited set of features, but companies can test how efficient it so then they can anytime opt for paid version. This way companies can find the right solution that fit into their budget. Furthermore, company can use subscription based enterprise collaboration software and save money on the cost of hardware and server.

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