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The power of a social intranet – Forget about email, chat and phone calls for better communication!

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
Social collaboration

People don’t like to leave the beaten path, and beaten path in office communication and exchanging knowledge means emailing, phone calls and instant messaging. There is however a better, more efficient tool for office communication, the social intranet.

If you would start to use a social intranet in your office, many employees would keep communicating through email, chat or phone instead of using the messenger services of the collaboration system.
Emails and instant messenger programs have become the classic form of the communication for different department within an organization and everybody is used to them, but that doesn’t mean that these are the best, most efficient tools for office communication.

How does a social intranet provide a better communication for your workers?

Real-Time Work Days.  Communicating, document sharing, status updates and more all happen in real time.  Share documents instantly and gladly rid yourself of treemails.  You can turn a two person chat into a group chat and inform your whole team of an update in real-time.

Present and Accounted For. You can easily search your chat history to quickly locate information.  You can show colleagues whether you are available to chat or busy working. You always know who is online and who isn’t.   This allows you to more easily connect with colleagues both scheduled and impromptu.

Preservation of Information.  All links and documents shared are saved to your profile.  This is much more powerful than email.  The archiving of information and documents gives you a library of resources that is easily discoverable in your Social Collaboration Software.

Convertible Activity Feeds.   You can convert any activity feed into a task to be assigned to an individual, group or project.

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