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The Enterprise Collaboration Tipping Point

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
Social collaboration

2014 will be the year when large and midsize corporations truly start to use enterprise collaboration.

Enterprise Collaboration Is No Longer an Option

Nowadays, companies have to face with the increasing competition on the global arena. Smaller companies, corporations are being forced to launch enterprise-wide change initiatives. These initiatives fall in different areas in order to deal with the negative consequences of organizational silos like inefficiencies, sub-optimization and inability to adapt to new market conditions. Actually, corporations soon understand that enterprise collaboration powered by social, mobile and cloud technologies will be a key enabler to succeed with any such initiative.

Last but not least, information workers are not satisfied with the current intranets and collaboration solutions. What is more important, discontent changing attitudes and behaviors among them.   However, to allow collaboration to happen naturally across the enterprise is a completely different ball game than simply implementing new collaboration technologies – but it’s not impossible. And if companies adopt new collaboration software they boost not just the quality of their product but also their employees’ efficiency.

Actually, we are closer to the tipping point than we might think.

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