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The benefits of a Social Collaboration Software to your workflow

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration
social collaboration

In the modern business world e-mail is not the best way of communication inside a company. Collaboration software, serves as an effective replacement for e-mail. When you intorduce this workplace tool, you will see how it effectively repleace e-mail. Some of the following ways a collaboration tool might replace e-mail at your workplace include:

  • Streamlining conversations.  Let’s imagine you work with a team of 6 people, you have to reach each other multiple times per day. Which one is easier? To send them dozens of e-mails or to have a common conversation, where all updates would be posted and every comment would be connected to the topic – this is what a social collaboration software offers to you.
  • Consolidation of information.  In conjunction with streamlined conversations, information regarding a particular workplace topic is all kept in one area. Workplace topic, such as a procedure, customer, or product test etc. In fact, to replace e-mail in the respect that e-mail is very open-ended, and it’s so much easier to lose important information. You just have to stay updated on each, so  you need to subscribe to each separate subject. What is more, your workflow is improved since if you search for a certain information than you do not need to dig through a large inbox to locate what is needed.
  • Information is organized better. A Social Collaboration Software can naturally organize information by topic, instead of sorting through many e-mails. It is a very useful for those who have a difficult time keeping since,  it is well organized, nothing is lost or out of place. Furthermore, the individual who struggles with organization will also receive real-time updates with a social collaboration software, ensuring they never miss a beat regarding each project of which they are a part.

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