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The #1 fear of enterprise social intranets

Social intranet

Social intranets are getting more and more popular nowadays, however some employers are still a bit afraid to implement an Enterprise 2.0 software in the office. And what is their #1 fear? Mutiny!

A social intranet contains some of the features of well-known social sites such as Facebook. It makes working much easier as you won’t need separate programs for emailing, messaging, file sharing, time tracking and task managing.

Social intranets make office communication all different from the classic ways. Instead of sending emails, you can send messages within the enterprise social collaboration software and you can post a message on the activity stream where everyone will be able to add comments and discuss.

You don’t have to be afraid of social intranets

Free status posting is the one feature that scares the most employers, as they think: “What if someone posts something inappropriate on the company’s social network?”. Their biggest fear is that troublemakers will be able to broadcast their grievances to the whole company with this simple tool.

However you don’t have to be afraid of this. Troublemakers are usually nameless whisperers within the company, sometimes employees don’t even know who started a negative gossip. But on an enterprise social collaborative platform they won’t be able to hide as they could be identified easily by their names or email addresses.

When people’s comments are attached to their real name, just like Facebook, they are usually pretty sensible about what they say. But it’s not just that people will moderate themselves, companies have seen that other regular employees will jump to the company and management’s defense against dissenters. It really underlines the power of enterprise social as a technology to bring companies closer together and strengthen culture and team spirit.

So you can enjoy the benefits of an enterprise collaboration software without the fear of troublemakers. Help your employees’ work, make your company more productive and get more clients. The adoption of a social intranet is rapidly growing, around 42% every year. Hurry up, don’t miss the wave of the future!

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