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We want to be the best!

If you are planing to buy Self Hosted system, buy from us TODAY!

We give you extra 5% discount, if you buy your Bitrix24 Self Hosted system from us!

If you maintenance you Self Hosted Bitrix on our Servers you got 10% extra discount from us. Our Bitrix24 specific server with 100 GB storage everyday safety backup (we keep them for 1 week), maintenance costs 2 395 USD for a year!

Get in touch with us!

Peter Schmidt


Phone: 0036 70 638 9699

Adam Mate


Phone: 0036 70 947 5929

Have you been putting off the decision to upgrade your Bitrix24 account? Get that credit card ready, because this August is the best month to purchase Self-hosted Bitrix24 plans. Here’s how much you save if you buy before August 31:
Bitrix24 Self-Hosted (compare editions)

  • BizPace Edition (25-User Pack) – 24% Off
  • Enterprise Edition (25-User Pack + 75 bonus users) – 24% Off
  • Additional User License –12% Off
  • 1,000 User Pack –12% Off
  • Early or Later Renewal Optoin –12% Off
  • Any Edition to Any Edition Upgrade –12% Off

You can place your order through our website!

Have a great summer!
Your OFFICE42 Team

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