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Some of the biggest benefits of Enterprise 2.0

By 2014-04-10 Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is the strategic integration of Web 2.0 technologies into an enterprise’s intranet, extranet and business processes. Enterprise 2.0 implementations generally use a combination of social software and collaborative technologies like blogs, social networking, social bookmarking, RSS, etc. But why is it good for your company? Let’s take a look!

Enterprise 2.0 tools are making the flow of information, file sharing, time tracking and workflow handle faster and easier, which mean more efficient, quality and productive work, efficient information search and a better collaboration between different departments of the company.

Let’s see a few examples of how Enterprise 2.0 is going to change your company for the better:

1. Enterprise 2.0 Benefit – Project Communication

Today the primary communication tools in project management are e-mail, phone and the sending of static documents. In many cases, that information must be compiled tedious and time consuming and not all project members are on the same information level.

Tomorrow messages are written and tagged in a project blog on the status, open issues and so on. Documents are provided and can be edited centrally in the respective project space. Redundant information and documents are reduced as well as communication overhead. Hence, reports are available automatically and in real time.

Benefit: The entire project team has access to all information and communication flows. In the project space, work is documented live and any arising problems become quickly visible quickly. Consequently, actions can be taken in time.

2. Enterprise 2.0 Benefit – Sales Communication

Today, the sales person returns from the customer’s site and documents the results the next day in CRM. The day after, departments are informed on the tender requirements via e-mail. By the end of the week, status information is shared in the weekly sales meeting.  Since a colleague was sick the will not reach the customer until mid-next week.

Tomorrow the sales person writes a short message location independent in the sales blog and thus informs the departments and the sales team directly. The next day the sales team processes the already available draft of the service description. In addition, a sales colleague information has added customer’ information to the blog. Since all information on sales status is available, the weekly sales meeting can be devoted to issues such as customer acquisition or negotiation strategies.

Benefit: The sales people of waiting times can use waiting times (taxi, airport, and train) efficiently and push forward tender preparation.  The sales person also informs about the results centrally and can collect important information that supports the sales success.

3. Enterprise 2.0 Benefit – Change Management

Today in projects challenges to the change communication are addressed mainly via e-mail, intranet, and personal interviews. A critical role in change processes plays fast and comprehensive dialogues.

Tomorrow changes are communicated in change blogs and can be discussed transparently. Project information and responsibilities are centralized and available in real time and an employee profile simplifies direct contact. Communication is comprehensible for all members and is available in discussions and activities streams.

Benefit: Communication processes of change are perfectly complemented. A wide reach is achieved and content is dynamically linked in real time. In addition, members of social communities are motivated to actively participate in change processes. This leads to a positive “organizational energy”.

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