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Solve your most common office problems with enterprise social collaboration platforms!

By 2014-04-10 Social Collaboration
Enterprise Social Collaboration

Social networks like Facebook, Google+ are very popular with internet users. It seems that the next big step for social media technology is to break into the world of work in the guise of enterprise social collaboration platforms. But why is it such a good thing for employees, bosses and costumers as well?

At first leaders was afraid that the new enterprise social collaboration tools are going to distract workers and productivity will drain because of the new social-media-like features, but the reality shows different. In fact enterprise social collaboration platforms can solve a lot of problems in the office. Some companies have reported a 30% or even bigger growth in productivity since they have started to use a social collaboration software.

Analysts say companies are starting to recognize the potential value that enterprise social media technology can deliver, particularly around departmental and cross-department collaboration. It goes beyond simply sharing best practices within organizations to enabling employees to quickly and easily identify coworkers with particular expertise, exchange knowledge, and work together efficiently on projects.

Enterprise social media technology adapts and combines features such as employee profiles, activity streams, microblogging, discussion forums, wikis and more in an effort to help employees collaborate. ESNs support the tagging, rating and reviewing of content for workplace use with the primary goals of better connecting members of an organization and promoting knowledge-sharing between different employees and departments.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that keeps organizations from bigger productivity and how a quality enterprise social collaboration platform can solve there!

A lack of information sharing. Unlike other platforms that support communication, enterprise social collaboration platforms, through activity streams and notifications, enable colleagues to share content quickly and keep the conversation going back and forth without using email. Tthis type of communication also allows business users to add personal flair to the work environment and it provides a bridge between team leaders and other employees and can connect coworkers on a global basis, she said.

If you can share what you know inside trusted circles, you can get work done a lot faster and a lot better.

The inability to capture knowledge. A good leader always knows what his team do and how efficient and productive are his workers. It has required a lot of work earlier as employees doesn’t document everything they do, but social collaboration platforms make this a lot easier for you.  By using features such as employee profiles, time tracking and status updates, enterprise social media and collaboration technology makes it possible to identify individual expertise, chronicle the day-to-day activities related to a specific project, transfer knowledge and improve upon organizational best practices.

Dormant projects. Thanks to the new relationships and behaviors resulting from the deployment of an ESN, organizations should see more action and less inactivity on internal projects as part of the regular course of business. The social enterprise benefits from the ability to solve problems faster and more efficiently, which ends up streamlining processes. For example, because all parties involved in a particular project can view the ongoing activity stream, there isn’t as much individual back-and-forth and, ultimately, downtime required in order to communicate.

These are just a few examples of how an enterprise social collaboration software can solve typical office problems and boost efficiency which is good for everyone at your company and your customers as well.

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