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Social Collaboration will soon become the default way of working

By 2014-04-10 Social Collaboration

Nowadays, we can’t talk about true enterprise social collaboration. It will be possible only when virtual collaboration has become the default way of working. You know that virtual collaboration is still an exception. Most people only use collaboration tools when they schedule virtual meetings, when they can’t meet face-to-face, or when they want to have informal conversations with people in their close proximity, and unfortunately, not on an online social networking platform.

There are no large corporations that don’t want to become more innovative, active, productive and responsive to changes in their business environment – such as changing in the behaviors and preferences of  the customers. In fact, small companies are more innovative, more agile and more responsive to customer needs. And what is the most important that collaboration happens naturally in small companies.

Is it possible for multinational corporations to deploy new technology that bring the workforce together such as the smaller companies do? Perhaps not entirely, but it sure can become more like a small company if it helps to create virtual proximity. Then, eventually, virtual collaboration will become the default way of working, the norm.

To tell the truth, for many organisation this change will happen during 2014.

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