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Social Collaboration is playing a central role in the workplace transformation

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has become successful since these sites help people to stay in touch, get connected, share knowledge and do lot of more stuffs. But even after their enormous success, some firms are still afraid to use similar, social collaboration technologies at the workplace because of the fear of losing control and promoting social culture in the company.

But time has changed and also he behaviour of the people have changed due to the use of social networking websites. Eventually, business started using this enterprise social network at workplace. There are a lot of success stories of enterprise social network include Yammer, Bitrix24, Jive, IMB and many many more. All these products have basic premises of connecting, sharing and communicating to colleagues, customers and partners at the workplace.

Social collaborative platforms have many advantages:

  • it helps to find information quickly,
  • engage with others over useful discussion,
  • create groups
  • share and consume information.

Actually, the traditional ways of buisness will disappear soon. People want to change it to create an open platform which will help them to easily connect with the professionals  and get information regarding specific subjects. The recent Mckinsey report says that the productivity of the emlpyees can improve by 20-25% with the usage of social collaboration technology at workplace.

It also says that the communication among employees have improved by 200% when compared to the use of other technologies. It can be used to carry out many business importan application because this social collaboration platform can be integrated with custom built applications . More and more companies will adopt  in the next few years social collaboration technologies at their workplace. Currently companies are offering this as a SAAS and on-premise offering business can chose as per their requirements.

Since this platform is available for mobile and tablet devices and also one can access it through mobile apps  this technology will help employees on the go the move.

The impact of this tools int he use of  HR, R&D, Sales, and Marketing is huge – increase of speed to access knowledge, seamless communication, and improved collaboration among employees.

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