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Social Collaboration – Be social, work smarter!

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
enterprise social collaboration

Your employees working good, but you think their work could be more accurate and coordinated? You want to know more about what they are working on, when they start and when thy finish their tasks? Then you need an enterprise social collaboration platform!

What is an enterprise social collaboration platform?

Enterprise social collaboration platforms are social networks which are used by people who share business interests and activities. It can be said that these platforms are the newest generation of the classic enterprise intranets (they are often called as social intranets) and other classic online tools which are created to make communication and collaboration easier between employees, their bosses/supervisors and clients.

A modern, well-designed enterprise collaboration software will make the communication and working process much easier and collected than a classic intranet could ever do, so it means that the pace and productivity of your company will rise.

In a collaboration system, business users can trade knowledge, store and exchange files, create and jointly modify documents, and interact with each other in real time in collaborative workspaces. In order to enable effective collaboration, however, the selected tools must be easy to use and accessible so users will engage with the system and use it on a regular basis.

Enterprise social collaboration platforms are great at making productivity, time management and focus much better as employees will see a complete list of tasks they have to execute, so you won’t have to worry that they will forget important parts of a projects.

You’ll be able to monitor their work, give them new tasks, communicate with them, ask for reports of their work and rate it. You can also give access to your clients so they’ll see exactly the processes of their orders in real time.
These are just a few benefits of using an enterprise collaboration software. If you want to get more information about these great platforms, you can read more about them on our website!

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