Recruiting in Office42

Office42 has a human resources information system which makes recruiting easier. There is an internal job board which lists the current vacancies within the company and keels all employees informed about the carrier growth opportunities. In the resume database you’ll be able to find detailed records for everyone who has ever applied to work at your company.

Career Opportunities


In Office42 you can easily schedule job interviews and reserve meeting rooms. The social intranet provides all the necessary tools for applicant pre-screening and for posting interview notes to be shared among all parties involved. You can also create polls and surveys where your colleagues can rate applicants.

You can create a separate workgroup for the hiring team where you can finalize job descriptions, assign interviews, communicate with other members of the hiring team, store all data necessary for hiring (CVs, resumes, interview notes, etc.) conveniently in one spot with easy access for all team members.

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