Knowledge Management in Office42

The knowledge management system of Office42 offers both formal and informal knowledge management tools. With the eLearning feature you can create online training courses, conduct tests and certify users. It can be used for internal purposes, like employee training, or external ones, such as partner certifications or licensing. Office42’s eLearning module permits creation of an unlimited number of online training courses and tests, and can be used in corporate university settings as well. SCORM file export and import are supported.

eLearning/Employee training module


You can easily place audio and video content into course pages from the front end if necessary. Of course, the results of employees or partners are registered and can be tracked. With the help of an attempt log, you can track the progress of trainees. You can set automatic test grading, and manual too, which is handy for essay-type of questions.

Knowledge base capability in Office42 isn’t limited by training courses or wikis; it can include things like an employee handbook, sales manual, internal policies and/or a FAQ section. In addition to a company-wide wiki, separate wikis can be created for each department or workgroup. Wikis in Office42 are created with a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. As usual, changes are immediately visible upon saving and new wiki content is immediately added to the wiki index by page name.

All wiki pages have comment and history sections to keep track of changes made to the give page. You can compare current and previous versions, whenever necessary.

Office42 provides great options for idea management as well. An employee can express and idea about anything in the organization and co-workers can evaluate this and vote. All votes, whether ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (i.e. ‘+’ or ‘-’), are counted and a rating is calculated from the voting. In addition to formal idea management, the Activity Stream with its likes, comments, badges, polls, and surveys or workgroup tools can be used for less formal ‘grassroots’ idea management purposes and collaboration.

Idea Management

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