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Integrating Enterprise Social Tools into Existing Business Processes

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration
Social collaboration

After employees overcome their fear of change, most of the time they will not adopt new technology because it doesnt fit into their original work flow. In fact, if you want to use a social collaboration software in your organization, it is important that this new software surely integrates with your current technology. So employers need to choose their new technology wisely.

Employees want an application that can be integrated with the HR, ERP, or CMR applications they are familiar with. So they do not need a stand alone application which does not fit in their original mix.  Actually, having these applications integrated simply makes it easier for employees to get work done. Think about that knowledge from different places and people can be collected in a central location to have a real-time conversation about it. This makes easier to find the right answer for each task you have since, the emlpoyees can share their ideas with each other throught this software.

In one hand, you have to caught up to the technology, if your business processes have remained the same for years. On the other hand, your leadership team need to think that social solution is an integral part of the work flow, not just an another application that employees can use. If that happens, social make a real impact on your business.

However, you have to keep in mind that adding a new technology should not add more work or stress to your employees’ days. To make easier for your employees to adopt the new technology and realise why is it good for your organisation and for them. First of all, you have to think about how the new solution will help them to work more efficently, how easily it will integrate with the existing applications, and how it will help and raise your business.

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