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How to Unlock Value from Your Enterprise Social Network

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
Enterprise 2.0

A recent study maintains that by using social technology, companies can boost productivity by as much as 25%. Many organisation started to use this new way. Nevertheless, only some of them are able to utilize it to maximum effectiveness.

Nowadays, companies still use social tools to reach customers in new and innovative ways, but much more value lies in internal applications of private social media. Actually, internal social media helps companies to pay attention to the consumers and develop market insights. Altough, the primary value of internal social media lies in enhancing communications, sharing gained knowledge, and collaboration within your enterprise.

4 core areas in which an enterprise social network most effectively increase productivity:

Reading and answering e-mails. About 12 hours, of the average interaction employee’s workweek is spent dealing e-mails. Using private social media can decrease this number by as much as 35% with making searchable content. So the worker do not have to spend a lot of time searching knowlidge inside the dozen of e-mails.

Searching and gathering information. Nearly 8 hours, of the average interaction employee’s work hours are spent searching for internal information only certain employees possess. Since enterprise social media has the ability store all messages as searchable content, this figure can be reduced by about 35%.

Communicating and collaborating internally. It consumes about 6 hours of the average interaction employee’s a week to communicate inside the enterprise, using phones, e-mail, and in-person interaction. Enterprise social media can save you 35% of this time because you can directly message anyone in the organization without cluttering up an e-mail inbox with a collaboration tool.

Role-specific tasks. Tasks specific to a particular job consume the most amount of time for any role, about nearly 16 hours per week. Internal social media increases the productivity of these tasks by about 15%, or approximately 2.3 hours per week. It has the ability to centralize all job functions at one hub, so your employees begin using all other applications there. I also need to mention, it is just one way how they enhance job-specific productivity.

To sum up, if you add up all the hours that potentially can be saved, the total is about 11 hours, or slightly more than 25% of the 40-hour workweek. But there are many other benefits of using enterprise social media.

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