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How to Think About Enterprise Social Networking?

By 2014-04-10 Social Collaboration

Facebook, Google+, and many other social media platforms are fast becoming a big topic for business. Recent research shows one-third of employees use social media at work for at least 1 hour. Most of us also expect to use these collaboration channels increasingly in our work environments to improve information flow.

Moreover, we want to communicate at work as we are used to communicating when off work – An enterprise collaboration software strongly facilitates organizational collaboration – so we can use this software to achive what we want.

But many believe enterprise social networking is a new product or a new app similar to social media platforms but it’s not. Actually it is a way of thinking how to be more effective, productive and innovative in the world of modern business. Furthermore, it helps your company to be able to make your own collection of knowledge more traceable, discoverable, searchable and collaborative. You need to remember, innovative communication is part of business so the more collaboration your company has, the more chance to be in race with other companies.

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