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How to fix collaboration and why? – Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms

enterprise social collaboration

Working with the classical tools is far from effective. Just think all the applications, programs you need to use to get your job done. Think about the time you waste and the information you overlook while you are switching between these programs. With the help of enterprise social collaboration platforms, your whole company will be able to work faster and much more effective.

According to new researches, average office workers spend 19% of their work time searching for information and expertise. That’s frustrating isn’t it? Now think about all of the other activities that pop-up and makes you re-prioritize your work. These things can also make work less effective and accurate, as you might forget about some tasks while you are continuously switching between them.

It’s not an ideal way to work is it? But what can we do to make it better? Is that possible to use less applications and programs and make work faster and more productive at the same time? Yes!

Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms – The Future of Collaboration

Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms are the most effective tools currently in the office. These programs are like classical intranets, but they have much more functions and social media like features.

As a project leader you’ll be able to find the best people to get the job done, you can assign tasks to them and you can be sure that everybody will now exactly what to do and when. With the time tracking and reporting functions you will always have great insight about what your team doing and when the project will be done.

You and you employees won’t have to use email, instant manager and other programs for file sharing and communicating no more as you can send messages and upload files assigned to a given project or subtask through Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms.

These are just a few features that will help you and your team to become even more accurate and productive and get more clients. Don’t be afraid of the new technology!

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