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How enterprise social collaboration platforms can bring different departments closer?

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
Social collaboration

There are countless stories on the internet about different departments within a company are disconnected from each other and from the rest of the organization. The IT department is typically one of them. However with the help of social collaboration platforms, these gaps can be easily bridged.

Let’s face it: Despite the increasing reliance on information technology for all things business related, IT has a largely utilitarian image along with a reputation for being isolated and insulated from the day-to-day operations.  Thus far, complex social interactions within the organizations they serve have been relatively nonexistent.

This is one department that could benefit from a “brand” reinvention, as well as some new avenues for self-promotion within the organization. Social collaboration provides a great option for both of these endeavors. Let’s see how a social collaboration platform can help the IT department and the rest of the company to work together and don’t get isolated from each other.

Saving time and resources

Social collaboration allows IT (or any other) departments to save time and resources by creating public records of their work and using the power of social media to narrow the breach between IT and the rest of the company. In addition to that, they can easily share a knowledge database for frequently asked questions or issues.

Staying in the loop

IT departments can stay up-to-date on everything that is happening within the organization. They can develop a good sense of the organization’s day-to-day operations, find out how various developments affect different departments and individuals, and build a good understanding of the goals, priorities and values of the organization. Not only will this keep IT in sync and feeling “part of the team,” it will help them develop solutions in keeping with the organization’s larger view.

Building individual relationships

Rather than simply being “on call” and showing up when problems arise, only to then fade back into the shadows, professionals in the IT department will have the opportunity to forge individual relationships with people throughout every department. This will serve to add a personal touch to their services, and create the opportunity to build camaraderie and trust, as well as create a true sense of team membership.


Social collaboration provides avenues for IT departments to create a memorable, positive image for themselves and stay in the forefront of awareness within the organization.  They can even get creative and use the power of video to mock themselves or easily explain – with humor – what really happens inside the IT department.


IT departments can use social platforms to share what’s new in their field, offer insight, and provide solutions for common IT problems. Social media also helps remind individuals in the organization that IT is available and willing to help, as well as deliver department greetings and special notices.

Determining specific needs

Collaborating closely with different individuals in different departments gives those in IT an opportunity to find areas of weakness and unmet needs; such collaboration also helps create specific solutions that are hand-tailored and highly relevant, which can help foster the department’s image as an invested and caring team player with much to offer the organization as a whole.

Source: idgconnect.com

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