With Office42 you won’t waste your time again

Time Management

You want to bring more discipline in the work schedule without putting a high pressure on your employees and creating a bad working atmosphere? Then Office42 is for you! Our social collaboration software has a great time management system where clocking in, clocking out and breaks are transparently recorded, just like the time spent on completing tasks. You and your employees will also be able to plan the workday and keep tasks organized and prioritized. The data input into this gadget is saved and used as the basis of the work report for each employee.

Work Reports

You want to get valuable efficiency and productivity reports of your employees? Office42 provides you with the opportunity to ask for automatically generated work reports daily, weekly or a monthly basis. The social intranet reminds workers to send reports and the contents of daily planner are helpfully included and can be edited before sending the final report. Plans for the next reporting period can also be submitted through this form. The work report is evaluated by a supervisor and commentary can be added. All work reports of a given employee, department, or the whole company can be viewed with their evaluations and efficiency ratings.


Coordinate the schedules of employees and resources easily and transparently across all of your platforms. In Office42, personal calendars and workgroup calendars can be shared easily inside the system. With the help of the convenient reminder features you won’t miss and important task, event or meeting again.

You can also use the calendar function on your mobile devices with the free Mobile App!

Plan Your Meeting Easily

Meetings are common and important events in the life of a company. With our office collaboration software, you can plan the next meeting easily, send invitations, receive responses and add main points of the meeting like a task. Minutes can also be logged and the results of the meeting are saved, providing transparency after the meeting has ended. Unfinished topics can be moved over to the next meeting.

Absence Chart

With the help of the absence chart you will know when your employees are planning a vacation. At a single glance, you can see who is on the road, on vacation, etc. in day, week and calendar views.

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