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Project and Tasks Management

Office42 has various organizational features which are all enhance efficiency at the personal and group levels. You can create tasks for yourself, assign them to a college or even delegate after you have received it. Project management features of our social intranet are imbedded in the ‘groups’. You can create a dedicated group for any project where all of its files, discussions and tasks are stored and accessed only by those users who are relevant to that project.

You want to track the time spent on tasks within a project? With the time tracking features of our social collaboration software you can. Tasks can be integrated into the group calendar. Furthermore, projects can be created in the Extranet, so your clients or partners can participate fully in them.

Gantt Chart

To get a better picture of the current tasks and subtasks, you can view them in a Gantt Chart with status, responsible person and chronological relationships. It will also help you to identify potential or existing delays. You can also modify your tasks and subtasks from the Gantt Chart. Change the deadline, add a subtask or make any other changes with a few simple clicks! Everybody who is involved will get an automatic notification of the changes.

Workload Management in tasks

You and your employees won’t forget about important tasks and deadlines again! With the help of the employee workload planning will let you finish more tasks on time and identify which ones are dangerously close to being overdue. As a supervisor you can allocate how much time should be spent on a given task and then you’ll be able to track the actual time spent on it. Monthly reports in time spent on tasks for each department and each worker are available.

Counters and roles

Task counters provide an easy way for you and your colleagues to identify the tasks which require immediate attention. The counter shows if you or one of your employees has a task with some problem (overdue, no deadline stated or not evaluated after competition, etc.). Counters and roles will simplify your work as a supervisor, since they can pull up a graphic showing tasks and their statuses for departments, groups or individual employees.

Track your progress with Checklist!

If you have a tasks which have multiple steps and/or participants, you can follow your progress with the help of checklists which can be added to any tasks.

Any participant in the given task can add points to the checklist and mark their completion, so all you need is a quick glance to see the exact status of an ongoing task.

Create Workgroups

You can collect your employees into different workgroups which contain all the social networking and organizational tools needed to optimize operations and utilize the highly efficient communication methods available in Office42. You can create a different workgroup for every project you have. These workgroups are like a miniature intranet, which serves as a platform for discussions, tasks, tracking, planning, file and data storing.

Task Reports

Do you know how much time your employees spend on a certain task or project? How often do you ask them for reports? Office42 will automatically generate reports for you about your employees and projects. You can see how much time an employee spends on a certain task or project, how many tasks are already fulfilled and how many are still being worked on, etc. Task Reports can be submitted on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, but you can set custom reporting dates as well.

The pre-set Efficiency Report template allows you to evaluate how efficient participants of a project were. For company executives, it can also help you analyze the overall efficiency of a certain department or the whole company. All reports can be easily imported as Excel files.

Report Builder

You want to create unique reports? Use the Report Builder tool which lets you aggregate, filter and sort report data and display them in the needed form. The Report Builder lets you collect the data fields needed and evaluate effectiveness, work efficiency, and total time spent on projects and tasks.

Involve your clients with the Extranet!

In the Extranet you can create workgroups which can be shared with third parties like clients, partners and service providers. Extranet provides the same functionality for users as the intranet does, but third party users will only see the workgroups which they are a part of and the other users of those groups. In this way you don’t have to be worried that third parties are going to see information or data about your company which you wouldn’t like.

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