Uploads Shared Files from wherever, and whenever with the help of Office42

Document Management

Office42 has a powerful document management system, where you can upload presentations, documents, videos and any other files and place them for download, collaboration or private use. Using the internal search you’ll be able to find any document quickly.

Check out this new video on Document Sharing in the social intranet. This video demonstrates the main features of the powerful document library in Office42. You can see how to edit, share and retrieve versions from the public library or from libraries in user and group profiles.

Set the Accessibility of Your Documents Easily

In each user’s profile there is a Files section. This is a personal folder to which colleagues do not have access. You can upload your private files here and you don’t have to be afraid that anyone will see them. However, files stored here can be shared using the Shared files folder or ‘share folder’ tool or individual access to a file may be assigned to any user or group of users.

Each document uploaded to Office42 has a Change Log. When a newer version of a file is uploaded, the previous version won’t be deleted, but rather saved such that it can be recovered at any time. Version history also contains the time when the version was created and the user who created it.

Easy Collaboration on Documents

Work on a document with your colleagues directly in the Activity Stream, write comments, attach new document version, receive feedback, see changes taking place real time! You can allow editing for everyone who are participating in the discussion or you can also force them to attach new version of the document in the comment-box.

After the work is done, you and your colleagues can save the file in a Document Library, download it or just leave it in the Activity Stream. If the document is valuable, it’s recommended to ‘like’ it as the ‘well-liked’ contents will appear higher in the list of search results.

Synchronize Your Files

Bitrix24.Drive allows managing and synchronization of you files between your local machine and the intranet. Simply add a document, video or photo to a special folder on your computer and the file will automatically appear on the portal.

Learn more about Office42.Drive and other Office42 Desktop Apps.

Network Drive Mapping

With the help of WebDav you can map a single document library or all of your document libraries to a network drive on your computer literally in two clicks. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, you will be able to see the documents in the intranet locally through your file manager.

Creating & Editing Documents Online

You can create and edit new documents in Office42 without being in the office! Thanks to the integration with Google Docs and MS Office Web Apps you can create new text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations in your web browser and you can add those documents to a task or a discussion in the Activity Stream.

The build-in tools provide you with an easy access to any documents in your Bitrix24. You can open, view, and edit documents stored on your Bitrix24 portal via a Google and/or Microsoft (Live ID) account. Documents can be edited simultaneously by multiple users.

Editing documents in MS Office

Edit your MS Word, or Excel documents directly from Office42 via your web browser! If you open a file to edit, it will be automatically blocked for other users, so they won’t be able interfere with the changes that you make. When you are finished with editing and the document is closed and saved, the files becomes available again for others.

Smart Search

Our enterprise social collaboration platform contains a powerful instant search feature which indexes documents, records, messages, comments and other information. New content is indexed and can be found through searching as soon as it is uploaded. You can mark the most important files and documents by ‘liking’ them. Liked files will appear higher in search results. Instant suggestions appear as soon as you begin typing in the search boy which makes searching even more convenient within Office42.

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