Manage and track your contacts and leads in the CRM of Office42

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the help of the CRM tools in Office42, you’ll be able to organize and track interaction with your potential and existing clients, partners, agents or any other contacts.

The CRM of Office42 forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. Phone calls, messages, meetings and every other events connected with a contact are easily logged and further interaction can be planned, including by using integrated tasks.

Managing Interaction

The CRM contains tools to create reports, carry out analysis, import/export contacts and perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed. You can divide incoming contacts among sales managers, analyze marketing campaigns and access permission to any deal or lead can be varied depending on its status or other parameters.

The CRM is easy to use, convenient, intuitive and it has its own activity stream. This stream is a universal interface that enables actions (notes, emails, tasks, meetings and phone calls) to be initiated on any object or objects in the CRM from a single point.

Sales Funnel and Other Reports

Sales Funnel is a great diagram which will make your and your colleagues’ work much easier. You need just a quick look at it to see the progress and the stages of your transactions. Stages can be added easily and each one appears in a separate line with different color. The length of a like shows the total sum of the deals at that stage. Under the funnel you’ll be able to see a table with the numeric values of the diagram.

Create Invoices Easily

The CRM in Office42 allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the Office42 CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice – just select the appropriate Contact or Lead.

Products and services that are included in an invoice can be selected from existing items, or you can create new ones on the fly. When done, you can send the invoice directly from your CRM to the client’s email address, save the invoice as a PDF file, and even print it out right from your web browser!

CRM on Mobile

The CRM tools are accessible in the free Mobile App, so you can find information of your clients even when you are not in the office. With the Office42 Mobile CRM you can add or edit contacts, create and send invoices, make calls, use the product catalog and much more. Click here to learn more about the Mobile App.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market and install it on your phone mobile device.

Send Emails to Your Clients

You don’t have to use mailing programs to send messages to you clients. Send individual or group emails to your contacts, attach files, use and create custom message templates with just a few clicks!

If the email address of the CRM is used as the return address, responses to the messages will be saved in the CRM and appended to the appropriate CRM object.

Call Your Clients

Vie Zingaya VoxImplant you can call your clients directly from the CRM using IP telephony. With Office42 you can make a web phone call from a browser or Desktop App for less then the prices of Skype. You can even record the calls you make from the Office42 CRM.

Acces Rights and Roles

As a leader you are able to assign access to CRM elements by dividing them among company employees at any stage of the customer engagement process. You can give ‘roles’ to your employees in the intranet, such as sales manager, team leader, administrator, etc., and these roles can be allowed access to elements of the CRM.

Business Processes

Leads and deals can be processed with substantial automation using business processes. A business process can contain any kind of possible actions with CRM elements, such as sending email, assigning responsibility, setting tasks, etc. Business processes can change the status of elements, fill in fields, and create new elements such as deals automatically.

In this video you can learn more about Business Processes in Office42 CRM. This video shows how to set up a simple, automatic action that sends a notification to a user located based on the properties of the CRM object itself.

Integration With Your Website

If you have an order form or some other kind of feedback form on your website, you can feed the lead data generated from them directly to the CRM.

REST API allows you to deliver data into your Office24 CRM from other websites, which was acquired for instance though submitted web forms.

Connect your internet store based on Bitrix Site Manager to your CRM and your sales managers will be able to process orders from your website directly in the CRM.

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