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Find the right person for the job with Office42

People Around You

Just like in the case of social networks, in Office42 people are the center of attention. Just go in the employee directory to find contact information or filter the list to find the right person for your next project. Clicking on and employee in the list will get you to the profile page of that person. All public information about the employee is visible and there are options to initiate an instant message or leave a comment in the person’s blog or photo gallery.
Aside from being a popular and convenient tool inside the system, the employee directory allows export to Excel and synchronization with Outlook and CardDAV. Synchronize your contact list with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and you’ll always have the current contact data at your fingertips!

Company Pulse

The Company Pulse tool helps improve adoption and engagement among users in your company. The Pulse gives you an insight of which tools are well-adopted and how users are implementing Office42 into their work routine.

For administrators and supervisors, a set of pre-made explanatory messages can be sent out to employees via the Activity Stream to encourage adoption of various tools and general engagement.

Employee Search

You don’t even have to touch the keyboard to find the employee you are looking for. Office42 has a click-through company structure which will take you straight where you need to go and there is also an alphabetical index. The list of employees can be filtered by position, and search can also be carried out by any part of the employee’s name in this section or in the global search box.

Company Structure

The company structure shows the hierarchy of the organization with departments and sub-departments. Just open up a specific department to find the employee that’s the most relevant to the issue at hand.

The structure influences many intranet functions, such as to whom reports are sent, who can delegate tasks to whom and more. Department leaders can see all the tasks of their subordinates.

Email Connector

You don’t have to waste your time with checking all your email accounts in different services anymore! Email connectors in Office42 provide simple access to and deliver notification from MS Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, and others.

If you access your Office42 from different location and/or different computers, quick link to your personal or corporate email account inside Office42 will be very handy

Access Permissions

Your employees will only see the information which they are permitted to see. You can grant permissions to departments, workgroups or even individual users. In Office42 you can show or hide documents, CRM contacts, workgroups and any other item in the system. Permissions also influence search results. Search results to which a given user doesn’t have access will not show up in the search suggestions or results.

IP-based Access Limitations

You can choose to allow individual users and departments to access the service only from chosen IP addresses. For example, everyone would be able to access Office42 from your local network, but only certain employees could access from mobile devices or from home, and only some of them would be allowed access from any location.

Extranet Collaboration

In our social intranet you can collaborate with not only your colleagues and employees, but also with external users, like partners, clients, etc. You can invite third party users to workgroups where you can work together with them on projects or tasks. These users will be visible on a separated list, so you can always be aware of who is working in the Extranet.

Records Management

Lists help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of the intranet. Suppliers’ directories, product catalogs, expense items, etc. Filters, sorting, column display, group editing, easy assignment of access permissions, import and export – Lists have exhaustive set of settings.

Web Forms

With the Web Forms module you can create and publish different kinds of web forms, such as surveys, request and comment forms, etc. With this tool you can also gather any type of data inside and outside your company easily. (Available only in self-hosted versions.)


Create online training courses, conduct tests and certify users with the help of the e-Learning feature of Office42. You can create an unlimited number of online training courses and tests for your employees or people you invite in your extranet. All results achieved by an employee / participant are registered and can be tracked in a journal. (Available only in self-hosted versions.)

Advanced Integration

Office42 integrates closely with MS Outlook tasks, contacts, and calendars (the two-way integration utilizes SharePoint lists based on SOAP). The MS Exchange Server 2007/2010 Connector serves to synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts in your intranet from MS Exchange Server. Besides, Office42 integrates with Google and Apple products through its support of CalDAV and CardDAV formats. Our product also supports Active Directory/LDAP integration which provides your portal with a centralized method of data management.

Product Customization

Click-away front-end and back-end editing of content, layouts and structure lets your quickly customize your intranet. Bitrix24 features AJAX / Active-X support and an adaptive interface with flexible settings and drag-and-drop components. The product is supplied with the full source code and an open API, meaning you can change both the content and appearance of your intranet anytime you want. Besides several layouts and color schemes, you can create and manage an unlimited number of templates for your Office42. (Available only in self-hosted versions.)

Multiple Divisions

Multiple Divisions feature allows separating versions of intranet portals for each division or department. This functionality is useful especially for companies with multiple offices and branch locations which need to have a larger degree of autonomy. In essence, each branch can have its own intranet that has a separate structure and design. Employees can get access to their company’s intranet, the intranet of their department, and, depending on the settings, the intranets of other departments. (Available only in self-hosted versions.)

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