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Social Communication in Office42

Instant Messenger

The internal instant messenger of Office42 delivers system notification and users can also chat through it. All instant messages are saved in a history and are indexed by the search function, so you’ll be able to find an old conversation in a few moments. The most recent messages appear at the top of the list.

On the messenger interface there is a search field where you can find contacts, with the most recent contacts displayed conveniently. There is also an availability indicator like in the case of the most known instant messaging programs. Busy or Available status can be indicated by choice. If you set your status to Busy, new messages wont pop up, but and indicator will still display the number of messages you haven’t read yet

Group Chat

You want to discuss a project or event with multiple colleagues? Just invite them for a Group Chat! Chat participants can be intranet or extranet users, and the chat thread itself can be named and saved in each user’s chat history.

Voice and Video Chat

Our social collaborative software provides you with the opportunity to invite your employees and colleagues for voice or video chats. You can still use the instant manager during calls which is very handy for giving email addresses, domain names, etc.

If you want to start a video call, you don’t have to download plugins, add-ons or programs, you will only need and appropriate web browser for it (Chrome 26.0 and higher). Office24 also provides users with access to video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities for groups up to 4 people.

If you are away from keyboard and miss a call, the instant messenger will notify you about missed calls and add it to your call history.

Web Phone Calls

Thanks to the integration with Zingaya’s VoxImplant.com, you can make web phone calls directly from Office42 at prices that are lower than Skype’s. You can also record calls you make from the Office42 CRM.

Mobile App

You don’t have to sit in your office all day, with the free Mobile App you’ll be able to access your social intranet and work on projects from anywhere! The free app also supports the instant messenger of Office42. You will get notifications of new messages even when the application is closed.

Besides these, you can also read news in your Activity Stream, post comments, like thins, participate in discussions, view contact details of your co-workers and work with the CRM. Here you can learn more about the Mobile app.

Desktop App

If you install the Desktop App, you can communicate with your colleagues outside your browser. The free app contains the Instant Messenger with a contact list, online indication, group chat, and file sync with your personal files in Office42. You can also access to video conferencing and make web phone calls at lower prices than Skype’s.

Find out more about Office42 Desktop App!

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