Social Intranet

Business communication in social form with Office42

Social Intranet

Social sites like Facebook have made communication much more easier and that is one of the main reasons of their popularity. You want to make communication better between your employees? With the help of Office42 you can! Our social collaboration software provides tools for task management, document sharing, and time tracking integrated into just this type of social interface for maximum efficiency of communications and work. You can use Office42 in your office or wherever you are, thanks to the free mobile app.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream is like the news feed of Facebook, here you can see all the changes and new additions on the intranet. It covers all social, production and mixed-function sections of the intranet. With the help of Activity Stream you and each of your employees will know what’s going on within different departments of the company and you’ll be able to discuss it as well. The Activity Stream can be personalized so you can choose what types of updates to display. On the Activity Stream you’ll be able to see real time updates, follow posts, set notifications, make company-wide notifications, attach files, schedule events and get immediate feedback.

Like it, see it!

Activity Stream is not only customizable, but interactive as well. You can send comments, view tasks and photographs and ‘like’ items, just like on the well-known social networks. Use of the like button not only shows your opinion towards coworkers, but also influences search results. Liked content will be shown with priority in search results, so useful and popular content remains easy to find by liking it.


Conversations are inevitable to start collaboration on a task or a document. Activity Stream gives you and your employees a great place for conversations and it allows you to attach documents or images as well.

Start a private conversation with one or more colleagues! You’ll be able to add more participants at any time. You can also send private messages through the Instant Messenger of our enterprise collaboration software.


You can have complete control over photo albums with the help of Photo Gallery. You and your employees can create any number of photo albums. Each user and each workgroup can have a separate photo album. With the convenient bulk loader you can upload files quickly and you can also like pictures and add comments to them.

Photo Gallery is integrated with the Activity Stream so if you upload a new photo, its thumbnail will appear automatically and your employees will be able to like, view and comment on it. The photo viewer appears above the Activity Stream without navigation.

Show your appreciation!

Showing your appreciation towards your colleagues is a great way to motivate them. Our social collaboration software gives you the chance to award your workers with Badges for their great work. These badges will appear on the Activity Stream and in the profile of the user, so it will be visible to everybody, but you can make them personal if you want.

Easier Annoucements

Are you afraid of missing important announcements? Or you want to make a company-wide announcement and want to be sure that everyone will see it? Use our enterprise social collaboration software and you don’t have to be worried again!

In the Activity Stream you can choose from different types of messages. Choose the Announcement type and send your message. It will be shown in a light yellow block in the top right corner of the main page and it will stay visible for users until they mark them as read.

Connect your profile with Social Social Networks!

In Office42 you can connect your intranet profile with your social network profiles. Use the #b24 hashtag to place Twitter tweets into your intranet’s Activity Stream, and post clock-in information and number of completed tasks onto Facebook or Twitter.

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