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Enterprise Social Collaboration Software outlook

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration
Social collaboration

In the past years we saw some great development in the segment of Enterprise Social Collaboration Software. The IPO of Facebook in the month of May 2012 was considered to be the biggest in the history of any internet company. The future is social collaboration.

According to leading research firms like Gartner, IDC, Mckinsey, Forrester it will be important to companies to leverage the social aspect of business. In fact, IDC predicted that year-by-year this segment is going to get bigger and bigger. But unfortunately, many buisness keep aloof  from adopting social collaboration tools at their work-place. However many analysts are hoping this fact will change in the near future.

Companies will have more confidence to adopt enterprise collaboration software and they will make a strategy to integrate it into their work process without any difficulties. IBM and Jive are some good examples of the advantages of enterprise collaboration. These companies have implemented this platform – they’ve created their own – and there are visible difference in their productivity and profitability.

Although, it needs time though the results are not imminent but it does give you long-term ROI. One of the main reasons why many CIO shy away from this technology is because of security reasons. Despite the fact, that many research have confirmed that cloud technology is indeed safe and form a long-term solutions. But the coming years  will see some hybrid cloud solutions for enterprise collaboration software segment. Many CIOs misunderstand the Enterprise collaboration software. They think it is just a “Facebook inside the office”, which is incorrect, just having an activity stream like feature, along with image and video upload or profile creation does not mean it is a Facebook kind of think or time-wasting tool. But with proper traning where CIOs get knowledge about this software can solve this problems.

This is the future of buisness world and companies which do not be able to leverage it for their benefit will be left behind in the competitive race of the gaining market share.

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