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5 most common myths of Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms

By 2014-04-11 Social Collaboration
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Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms are very useful office tools, but they are still very new and many employers are afraid to implement them and rely on them instead of the ordinary and classic office tools. It’s time to bust the most common fears and myths about these collaboration networks!

#1 Myth – The implementation of an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform won’t pay off

In the business world ROI (Return of Investment) means everything. An Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform costs money, but you don’t have to be worry, purchasing a quality office collaboration software is always a good investment. Don’t expect a high ROI figure right away, but in a long run an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform will provide significant results as it helps to make your employees’ job faster and more productive.

#2 Myth – An Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform offers more risks than reward

Many company leaders worry that by using an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform the company will disclose sensitive and confidential information. However the truth is that with social collaboration platforms it is possible to safeguard the sensitive company information with various preventing measures. It is done by self-policing the Enterprise Collaboration Network. As the result if there is an issue it is identified earlier and solved

Other area of concern for management is employees will use this platform to waste company’s valuable time. But in real-world it has been found that employees use this network to carry out their business correspondence in an easy and organized way.

#3 Myth – It’s hard to learn to use an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform

Many CEOs are afraid that the implementation of an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform requires a long training period, so employees are going to waste their valuable time. However the fact is that employees can get on with this platform from the very first day. Social collaboration platforms are easy to use as they are built similar to the popular social networking sites. You don’t have to be a scientist to use Facebook or Google+, right?

#4 Myth – An Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform will only work well between close colleagues

This is also wrong. Enterprise Social Collaboration Platforms are not meant for handful of people, but whole companies, even world-wide ones. These platforms will boost the communication and collaboration between different departments of a company which wasn’t easy with the classic office tools.

#5 Myth – Employees won’t contribute much since it is a new platform

CEOs of many companies think that not many employees, even if they use Enterprise Collaboration Network, will contribute to its growth. This they say will defeat the purpose of implementing this platform. But it has been proved beyond doubt that organization who has implemented this platform has received a tremendous response from their employees. The content contribution, knowledge sharing has gone up significantly and has increased the productivity of the company.

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