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Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Software Terminates Geographical Boundaries

By 2014-04-09 Enterprise 2.0

Nowadays, in the technological world telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular. An Enterprise 2.0 based Social Collaboration Software makes teamwork available from distant geographical locations since, it allows your employees to quickly and easily share information through the web.

Despite the fact that there a lot of research that have proved the efficency of collaboration softwares many companies are reluctant to invest in it.

Here are some of the common benefits of Enterprise 2.0 Social Collaboration tools:

  • Cross-regional Collaboration. In a global economy, from the smallest to the biggest organizations are widely distributed. So your employees are divided. Collaboration software allows them to work together from different locations of the Earth  — let them use microblogging, instant messaging, video chatting, email integration and more in a simply, fluid way. To let them share their expertise allows you to be competitive with the big guys.
  • Increased product quality.  Your employees will take the advantages to collaborate. You just need to provide them the proper training and than since more people working together on a project resaults more potential product drawbacks are addressed.  To sum up, this means the quality of your product or service is optimized.
  • Increased productivity. Your workes would be more productive since their pride and ownership will motivate them to surpass their colleague’s productivity.
  • Enhanced customer engagement.  Collaboration software allows companies to bring customers directly into the flow of the project. They can be allowed to check the status of a project in real-time. It results the product will be better since costumers can share their remarks. Moreover, the ability to participate actively in the process also increases customer happiness and loyalty.
  • Easy information and document sharing.  Information is much more easily shared since there is a central location for knowledge that everyone can easily reach. So it also enchance the workplace efficency and fluidity. Furthermore, multiple members on the same team can update a document at the same time.  Document changes are tracked, allowing for enhanced accountability.

If you take the time to introduce your team to use this software—which actually, takes close to no time to learn—the final result is a healthier bottom line for your business.

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