Employee Self Service in Office42

Office42 offers many-many employee self service tools which are help to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, automate routine HR procedures and also empower ad engage employees by giving them more autonomy and control.

In Office42 users are in charge of their own profiles, they can fill in their personal and contact data, upload photos, write about their skills, etc., which drastically decrease the workload of HR department. Since Office42 is a social intranet, it fosters direct interactions between employees, departments and teams.

Full control over own profile

Automation of routine HR processes

All HR documents and forms are available in a single location, preventing unnecessary trips to HR or accounting office. Because customizable request forms are integrated with workflow, unnecessary paperwork is eliminated as filing, requests, approvals and notifications can be handled electronically inside your intranet.

Office42 HRIS provide your employees with every tool that is necessary for successful and effective collaboration, such as group calendars, e-learning, workgroups, interactive company structure, work reports and knowledge management.

Meeting Room Booking

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