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Efficiency boost and huge savings with a Social Intranet

Social intranet

If you are looking for a tool which can make your employees stay connected, feel engaged and get stuff done more efficiently, even if they’re working at home, you should definitely try asocial intranet.

Enterprise 2.0 based social intranets makes communication, file and knowledge sharing much easier between supervisors, employees, customers and different departments of the organization. With the help of these great tools you can give tasks to your employees quicker, easier and more clearly so you won’t have to be worried about misunderstandings. You can also do time tracking, ask for daily, weekly or monthly efficiency reports, supervise the workflow, share and download documents easier, etc.

A social intranet has potential to enhance communications both with employees and customers. As we all know, having an effective communication strategy translates into employee productivity and a better customer experience. Identifying the right social collaboration platform and devoting time on the front end will make the effort successful. It’s this kind of investment that could yield significant results for the company in profits.

Be smart – Save money and get more efficient with a social intranet!

Quality enterprise social collaboration platforms are capable of almost everything that an organization needs, it makes communication quicker and better, you can give and track tasks, share files, generate efficiency reports and much more, which means that you can eliminate a lot of other separate programs and tools. There are enterprise social collaboration platform users who were talking about huge savings – up to $500,000 – just because of the implementation of a social collaboration software.

According to researches collaboration helped by these great platforms can have a great impact on efficiency as well. With the implementation of a social collaboration software, efficiency can raise with 36%.
Is it convincing enough for you? Or you want to get more information about enterprise social collaboration platforms? Visit our website and you can read more about them!

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