Company Structure and Organizational Chart in Office42

With the Drag’n’Drop visual builder of Office42’s Company Structure/Organizational Chart tool, it’s very easy to create interactive diagrams that representing the company’s hierarchy with departments, sub-departments, company heads and subordinates. This diagram can be effectively used to choose the employee who is the most relevant to a given task, issue or problem.  Importantly, the information contained in the Office42 organizational chart is incorporated into many other functions of your Office42 corporate portal: reporting, delegation of tasks, workflow, and more. For example, department heads can see all the tasks of their subordinates.

Interactive Org Chart Builder

Company Media Gallery

The Company Structure tool of Office42 also gives you and easy way to make visibility and permission settings. This is very useful during onboarding of new hires, as inclusion into a department will automatically provide relevant access to certain parts of the intranet. You can also make file access and work time settings at the department level, but it’s also possible to grant permissions for individual employees or workgroups.

Official information, company philosophy, company videos and photo galleries can be easily displayed using existing tools in the Office42 in addition to the company structure organizational chart.

With office 42 you can also create workgroups for brainstorming, grassroots employee collaboration, as a project management tool or to support a simple interest group. These project groups successfully unite teams or departments into a secure and convenient area. These workgroups have their own Activity Stream, calendar, tasks, file storage, lists, and other tools. A group can be public, private or even entirely hidden.

Workgroup Homepage

Extranet Group(s) Activity Stream

You can also safely add third parties, such as clients, partners, service providers, and freelancers to the Extranet. Workgroups in the Extranet have exactly the same functions as the ones in the intranet, however this way third party users won’t see any information outside the workgroup they are added to.

For most companies and organizations, a user group (especially for clients with Active Directory integration), workgroup, or both are used to represent a department in the intranet.

If you have a company with multiple offices and branch locations which need a large degree of autonomy, we recommend you the BizPace Enterprise edition of Office42. The Multiple Division Intranet feature of this allows separate versions of the corporate portal to be launched for each branch, division or department.

Independent Division Intranets

Each branch can have its own social intranet that can have separate structure, branding and design. At the same time, integration among the departments/branches and with the main office is maintained. You can create unlimited number of intranets with the Office42 BizPace Enterprise edition.

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