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8 reasons enterprise social collaboration platforms are the future

By 2014-04-14 Social Collaboration
social collaboration

At first most businesses were defensive as they feared that free communication and some other elements of enterprise social collaboration would make employees distracted and less productive. However, the latest studies have proved them worng.

An understanding of enterprise social collaboration has created huge efficiency opportunities across every kind of business. According to today’s forecasts, a quality enterprise social collaboration system can make productivity gain up to 30%.

How does an enterprise social collaboration platform boost efficiency?

In 2013 a research group, Altimeter published findings of a report into the business case for collaboration tools.

The overriding conclusion was that such platforms assist efficiency in the following four ways:

  • Encourages sharing
  • Captures knowledge
  • Enables action
  • Empowers people

Now look at the 8 main reasons you should use an enterprise collaboration platform at the office:

1. Software as a service. Many collaboration platforms are provided as a service and therefore there is no software to install and manage, meaning very little resource drain on the IT side.

2. Designed to be simple and easy to use. The user experience is an important factor in adoption, therefore inspiration is taken from consumer grade tools to ensure they are intuitive.

3. Communities can be created quickly and are accessible. The entire point of enterprise collaboration is that the ‘social’ element defines an ‘inclusive and open’ experience.

4. Drive important discussions and communications out of inaccessible silos. Functionality like microblogging, wikis and notifications allow you to drive content out of email.

5. Create and share in a single system, seamlessly. Platforms put an end to multiple version issues and enable people in completely different locations to work on things TOGETHER.

6. Control access to content. Manage security at a document or post level if you want to it’s that easy, while other content items can be open to all.

7. Manage your global workforce. Many organisations have teams that are spread across the globe, bring them together in a single place to build community and a sense of purpose.

8. Drive internal engagement. An accessible management team that is able connect with its workforce creates a sense of ‘being’ and improves efficiency.

There are, of course, many more reasons to consider such a platform but what is clear is such software has evolved to find the right middle ground between useful professional tool and a fun-­to-­use social platform. And if you believe the numbers the time to adopt is now.

Source: HighQ.com

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