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5 Reasons to be thankful for Social Collaboration Tools

By 2014-04-09 Social Collaboration
Enterprise Social Collaboration

“Social Collaboration” is not just a buzzword – in fact it helps us to solve big problems faster, connect with others, what’s more, it is generating more revenue, and last but not least, it makes customers happier. So why is social business is better business?

1. Social Collaboration Benefit – Less email

Actually, it takes too much time to manage our emails. Email passes the buck, creates a lot of frustration, and what is the most annoying, it’s full of spam and other irrelevant stuff.

Social business collaboration technology provides us a space where we can do real work, instead of the closed world of our inboxes.

2. Social Collaboration Benefit – Getting real work done

Team efficiency! Social collaboration enables people to share their expertise, and get to a solution faster. It is innovation, it results satisfied costumers! In its maturation, social business is proving to have large payoffs for collaborative efficiency.

3. Social Collaboration Benefit – Human connections

Social business software is not just a technology between people – it is more important that this software brings them together. It supports experties to solve costumer services problems faster since they can share their knowledge and ideas with each other. Moreover, it builds a deeper relationships between them.

4. Social Collaboration Benefit – Smarter decisions

Social collaboration can improve our business decision with a lot of process like collaborative input, knowledge sharing, and access to more data. To solve big problems and provide better and better experiences, social media gives us a little insight into critical information about behaviors, opinions, and habits.

5. Social Collaboration Benefit – Happy customers are satisfied costumers

Costumers use social web to share their opinions and remarks about your product, whether you are on the line or not. Social business brings us closer to our customers and helps us predict what they need before they realize they need it. (Or, at the very least, it helps us find and solve problems faster  and maybe even make more revenue. So anyway we win!)

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